Our Mission

At Tasty Karma, our mission is to introduce you to great tasting, healthy food with the purest natural ingredients from mother nature.
We are dedicated to serving artisan gourmet food which is simultaneously infused with Yoga principles and culinary innovations. We continuously innovate to provide healthy vegetarian/vegan food without compromising on quality and taste.
Our Story:

We learnt to adopt a healthy lifestyle while working at Google and being parents of two demanding kids, we have always been looking for healthy snacks that our kids can enjoy. When we looked around for healthy snacking options, we were stuck with mostly corn-based, genetically modified or extruded snacks that didn't provide enough nutrition. So we combined our passion for cooking with a mission for healthy food to create Tasty Karma.
Our family and friends absolutely love these snacks and now we want to
introduce you to these age-old recipes with a modern twist. Our
snacks are made of natural and healthy ingredients like chickpea flour, carrom seeds, fenugreek leaves, garlic, herbs, raisins, cherries, nuts etc and are protein packed.
I hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoy making these for you!

Saumil and Vinay
Founders, Tasty Karma LLC

For any questions or suggestions, please email us at info@tastykarma.com